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ShockWiz: Dial It In, Everywhere


When Quarq first announced the ShockWiz, we got pretty darn excited. When we got it, we knew we'd finally been handed a tool that's been holding back a lot of riders in the area. 

Michigan has been, for three decades, the land of the hardtail. From racing to the knee-jerk reaction of, "You just don't need full suspension here", suspension bikes weren't considered a realistic bike for the region and the terrain. To be fair, a big part of that was simply the technology; bikes in the 90s and early 2000s were finicky, ambitious, poorly design, and inventive. We give designers a TON of credit for trying to solve age-old problems like pedal bob and fine-tuned adjustments with the very limited tech and materials at their disposal. The mother of all invention is necessity, but sometimes, that results in the Y-bike. 

But things have change an awful lot, especially in the past five or six years. The quality of the shocks and forks themselves have seen huge advancements in seals, designs, fluids, and weight, and how they've been integrated into modern frames designs is really impressive. Kona, for example, offers a full-suspension set-up that accounts for everything from water bottles to sag in the frame, not just the shock itself!

With that level of precision in place, adjusting your suspension means more than ever. These days, we don't see bad full suspension bike from really any manufacturer; instead, we see bikes that were built from a box, put on the floor, and pushed out the door with the new owner without every being set-up. For a new rider or even an experienced rider that may be new to full suspension, taking the time to ask questions and begin the process of setting up the suspension, even if it's just the fork, can make all the difference in the ride quality. 

Quarq's ShockWhiz takes things from basic set-up to a professional level of accuracy. We know where to get you started out at, and then it's up to YOU to ride your favorite trails and gather information that helps us set sag, rebound, and every aspect of your suspension for any trail. Yep, any trail; the ShockWiz can recommend settings for different trails! Because Luton ain't Yankee, you know what I mean?

You can schedule your Suspension Tuning right here. We recommend scheduling your rides at a time you know you will be able to put in some miles in order to get the most out of your time with the ShockWiz. Plan to hit your two favorite trails, and if there are weekly rides or a race you're planning on trying, consider riding that trail at race pace to get the best information possible. 

Once we have the information, you'll have a great starting point for your go-to rides, and can make small adjustments as necessary at different trail systems. We know a number of riders that log their fork and shock settings after each ride, including notes on what they would have changed and what they'd run next time. We've even seen riders with a small notebook in the garage to track their settings every ride! 

You don't have to go that crazy to keep track; use the ShockWiz and then let us get you dialed in from there! 

Introducing Quarq ShockWiz it is a suspension tuning system for air-sprung mountain bikes that combines high-tech hardware with an intuitive smartphone app. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Visit the provided link below for more information.