One demo day to rule them all, and in the radness, try them. 

Spring has been an incredibly elusive thing this year for just about every bike ride east of the Rockies. We've been looking forward to get onto the dirt, and when we heard that there was a rather timely convergence of demo trucks all in Grand Rapids at the same time, we got even more excited about riding dirt on new bikes. 

On Sunday, May 6, we're tagging in our friends at Village Bike Shop for the ultimate in bike demos at Wahlfield Park. Swing a leg over mountain bikes from Kona, Rocky Mountain, Giant, and Specialized. Check out the new Kona Process, jump on a few different set-ups, and find the right rig for how you ride. 

Demos will start at noon and roll until 4, so you can get a workout in beforehand if you're into that sort of thing. We'll have a TON of bikes, really, so plan on riding as many as you want in 4  hours. It's always a good idea to bring your helmet and your own pedals, and maybe a photo ID just in case it gets really busy out there. 

You can scout out Wahlfield here if you haven't ridden it before. It's a great spot for a demo, with plenty of short loops so you can play with fit and suspension set-up, with some reasonably techy areas to push any bike to its ragged edge. 

Check out Kona and Rocky Mountain's 2018 line-ups and start thinking of what bike you'll ride first!