On April 16, Nate is turning 29 years old. Get the best bike shop owner you've ever met exactly what he wants for his birthday...or else. 

Nate is a pretty cool guy. He loves small dogs, beer, and riding bikes in the woods. He is often dirty as a direct result of one or more of these pursuits. If you know him, you almost certainly like him. And since he's aging, we're celebrating by doing a good deed in his esteemable honor. 

Instead of more small dogs and perhaps in addition beer birthday gift basket, we're asking you help Nate and Central District Cyclery raise money for the West Michigan Mountain Biking Alliance. WMMBA is a huge group of people that spend their time working to build, protect, and maintain trails all over West Michigan. From Merrell to Yankee, CSGAD and more, it takes dozens of volunteers hundreds and thousands of hours per year to give us all a place to ride. 

You can help. Even if you can't roll up your sleeves for all the trail days this summer, try making it a priority to help at the trail you use the most, and consider volunteering at events like pouring beer at Barry-Roubaix or the Yankee Springs Time Trial. 

Of course, they can also use some cash to help keep all these volunteers armed with tools, gas, and beer in order to do what they do best; build trail. For Nate's birthday, give the big guy the gift of a dozen places to ride by splashing some cash AND earning yourself some Trail Karma.