Name: Mark Hendershot
Age: I saw Evel Knievel jump the Snake River Canyon.
Job Title: Rodeo Clown
Astrological Sign: Leo
Baggies or Spandex: None

1. What was your first bike? Tell us about it.


2. Where is your favorite place to ride in West Michigan?

Whatever trail I'm on at the moment! 

3. What's the one piece of equipment, one tool, or one piece of tech you recommend to everyone?


4. How would you describe Central District Cyclery? What's the vibe like?

It's like a porn show on acid.

5. How long have you been riding bikes? What got you into it?

Age two. The chicks dig bikers.

6. If you could pick any 2017 bike that's out or coming out, what would it be?

Rocky Mountain Suzi Q -90. It's such a sexy rig!

7. Do you have a beard? Why or why not?

No. Why would anyone as handsome as myself want to cover up his face?

8. Favorite beer? (There ARE wrong answers to this)