Aaron with his Kona Big Unit

Aaron with his Kona Big Unit

July 1, 2016

"My Kona" is an interview platform designed to showcase Kona bikes, how they're used, and how much they're loved. Here's another backstory, this time from one of our mechanics!

"My name is Aaron. Many of you have seen me wrenching on bikes in the shop. You may not know that I am a student, stay-at-home dad, and a bartender as well. With so many different places to be, I've always found myself drawn to the simple efficiency of riding a bike to get around. I commute almost exclusively by bike but also enjoy riding in general. I try and hit as many trails as I can while riding road and gravel miles in between. Lately, I've been riding the White Pine Trail quite often, pulling my son in a trailer.

Currently, I'm riding a Big Unit. I've rebuilt it into several different forms: single speed 29er, geared 29er, and it current form, set up with 27.5+ wheels. The bike is very versatile and a blast to ride in any form. As a single speed, the bike speaks in brutal truths; if I don't have the legs, I will not make the climbs. With gears, it sings through the woods, playfully whispering to me "go faster, go faster." With fat rubber, it floats over rocks and roots and helps me clear technical sections much easier, all while still maintaining its nimbleness.

I was originally drawn to Kona through its cyclocross heritage. The Jake the Snake caught my eye, and when I learned of its long and storied history, I jumped at the chance to own one. I rode it hard, raced it often, crashed more than I should have, and enjoyed the hell out of every mile. Thinking about it still brings a smile to my face and a little twinge of guilt for passing it along to someone new. That was the bike for me. It expanded my riding abilities and my belief of what riding can do for a person.

I'll spare you the sales talk. Kona is, simply, a brand created and run by people who ride. And it shows in every single bike they dream up and build. Every bike I've had the luxury to ride has left me yearning for more. More adventure, longer miles, faster roads, infinite possibilities. Kona speaks with the language of the ride, the bike acting as translator and guide every time the pedals begin to spin. Don't believe me? Ride one. In fact, ride two or three, you won't be disappointed."

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