June 21, 2016

"My Kona" is an interview platform designed to showcase Kona bikes, how they're used, and how much they're loved. Here's another backstory from one of our own team members!

"I am Greg Newland. I am currently a Civil CAD Technician for Nederveld right here in Grand Rapids. I am a person with many hobbies, but I would say cycling is bigger than all my other ones put together. I took up cycling just over 4 years ago. I ride almost every day. I commute to work and ride around town by bike. I went from putting 14k miles a year on my car to less than 6k miles a year. I ride in cyclocross and gravel road races. I would say most importantly I ride for the personal enjoyment of being involved in the Grand Rapids cycling community. It's some of the greatest people one could hang out with.

I currently have 3 Kona bikes. A Kona Jake The Snake which is my cyclocross/daily commuter, Kona Big Unit which is my killer hard tail mountain bike, and I also have a Kona Wo which is my go anywhere/anytime fatbike.

I loved my first Kona so much that I now own three! For me, I feel like Kona has put a lot of effort into creating very compliant bikes. My Jake The Snake is an extremely smooth and comfortable bike, while still having cyclocross geometry. I would not hesitate for a second to take that bike anywhere, including muddy CX races, long distance gravel tours, or even light mountain bike single tracking. Most importantly though, Kona always impresses me with the colors they choose to use.

I enjoy riding everywhere and picking one route is a little tough. If I had to chose one and only place to take a bike ride, it would probably have to be the Owasippe Trail just north of Muskegon. It's within an hours drive of Grand Rapids and it is some of the most beautiful scenery I have found while mountanbiking in this area. The trail is also a lot of fun to ride too."

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