The 4th of July is rapidly approaching and this is the second year a group of mountain bikers from Central District Cyclery has gone up from Grand Rapids to Marquette for 4th of July weekend to experience the fantastic Marquette trails. You are welcome to join us for a weekend of camping and mountain biking (or hiking, kayaking or whatever else you like to do). Camp sites are pretty full and this will be a great time!

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Marquette is a fun city that has great bike infrastructure so riding to and from the North and South Trail systems is easy. We are staying at Tourist Park campground which is on the south side of the Dead River. The trailhead for the North trail system is across the river from the campground. Overall the North trails are not as technical as the south trails and are a fun introduction to the type of riding that can be found in and near Marquette; challenging climbs and flowy trails that rise above the dead river.

North Trail route:
The Tourist Park campground is roughly at 2.7 miles into the MTBproject loop. We can roughly follow this route for a good couple hour bike ride (with breaks of course).

“A grand tour of the North Trail System; great introduction to Marquette mountain biking.” -MTBProject

As a contrast to the North trails the NTN (Noque Trail Network) South trails are longer and have some features for all skill levels (whereas the North trails don’t have the downhill difficult sections that can be found at South for example). We can ride through the city to the Harlow Farms connector to get on the South Trails. The connector will drop us on the Pioneer loop which is best done clockwise. Depending on the length of ride doing both the Morgan Creek loop (green) and Pioneer Loop (red) makes for a nice 20 mile ride to and from the campground. If you mix it up a bit and ride the first part of the Red trail then hop on the Green at the trail head then back to red after doing a full green loop you can end up at the connector which makes for a nice route. All of these trails can be explored digitally through video and GPS map that Trail Genius has made.

trail genius:
morgan creek:
pioneer loop / greywalls:

last years pics: