May 6, 2016

"My Kona" is an interview platform designed to showcase Kona bikes, how they're used, and how much they're loved. This first story is from one of own Central District team members!

"My name is Beth Anne and I am a GM/UAW skilled tradesmen retiree currently working part time delivering honey for my father's business, Fase Apiaries.

Cycling, in many varieties, has been part of my life throughout the years. Commuting, road riding, triathlons, mountain biking, gravel road riding, cyclocross and fat biking are the activities that have kept me fit, introduced me to my circle of friends, fed my competitive spirit, and filled my garage.

My most recent bike purchase was the 2016 Kona Jake the Snake, and I have had no regrets. My Jake the Snake fits me perfectly, is so comfortable to ride and, let's be honest, it looks really hot! The Shimano 105's with the 2 x 11 shift like a dream and give me a full range of gears (which I need) and the mechanical disc brakes offer stopping power without being grabby. I was thrilled to ride some of the steepest gravel hills in my area without having to stand and mash each pedal stroke like I did on my old bike!"

Keep watch for more interviews like this one to get a closer look at Kona culture!