• City Built Brewing (map)


What is FUNDURO? An evening of fun on bikes in an enduro format.

Enduro is a stage-race format where the winner is the rider who accumulates the lowest combined time from the timed downhill sections. Enduros typically take place over one or two days, and a typical one-day enduro consists of 3 to 5 timed stages which take place on descending terrain, and often with sections of singletrack. These stages are linked by "transfer" stages. Although a rider's performance on the physically demanding transfer stages does not affect his or her result, they often have a time-limit, or a latest allowed arrival-time for the start of the next stage. or what most of us call mountainbiking.

Our take on this is, meet up at City Built Brewing and the FUNDURO starts at 6.30pm. The first stage is a transfer stage out to the Richmond Park. You have 30 minutes to complete the 2.5 mile transfer stage. The timed stage will be on the Richmond Park Flow trail. This stage must be started by 7pm. This will be followed by a transfer stage back to the top. A second timed stage is again on the Ricmond Flow Trail. The next and last stage is a transfer stage back to City Built Brewing. This stage must be completed by 8pm. The female and male timed stage winners will receive a taco dinner from City Built Brewing each Wednesday. 2nd, 3rd, and DFL will win some random stuff.

The weekly events will be scored into a monthly series and the monthly winners will be crowned King and Queen.