• Richmond Park (map)
  • grand rapids, mi

Sunday, Sunday, Sunday!

Meet us at the Richmond Park Flow, the adventure caravan will arrive around 10.15am.

Richmond Flow.

If you haven't ridden here yet, prepare for 1/4 mile downhill flow trail. We will session the flow trail until silly tired and ready for a post ride stop at Greyline Brewing.

We have demo bikes availble:

Kona Process 153 Al/DL 27.5" Kona Hei Hei Al/DL 29" Kona Big Honzo AL 27.5+" Rocky Mountain Thunderbolt C30 27.5" Rocky Mountain Pipeline A30/A50 27.5+" Please email or call ahead to reserve. Most of these bikes are full suspension and take a minute to set up for the best ride. Showing up Sunday morning without a reservation is verbotten.

For a few riders we will set your bike up with a shockwiz suspension analyzation. What's a shockwiz? It's a calibration unit designed to be installed on your bike's suspension and record ride data for suspension optimization tuning.

All times on a Sunday morning are subject to not rushing around and enjoying a bike ride.