Sunday, Sunday, Sunday!

Shop doors will open around 8.30am. Coffee, pancakes, and a shot of bacon will be ready soon after. The pumptrack is riding fine and you should jump on and ride while waiting. Around 9.15am we will start loading up with goal to be on the road at 9.30am. If meeting us at the Wahlfield Park, the adventure caravan will arrive around 10.15am.

Wahlfield Park.

If you haven't ridden here yet, prepare for short burst climbs and sinous singletrack. Likely we will ride the loop a couple of times and session the Flow Park. We hope to shanghai a picnic table and set up with a grill for a post ride chill. Bring your own and share. There is a restroom and drinking water availble at the trailhead.

We have demo bikes availble:

Kona Process 153 Al/DL 27.5" Kona Hei Hei Al/DL 29" Kona Big Honzo AL 27.5+" Rocky Mountain Thunderbolt C30 27.5" Rocky Mountain Pipeline A30/A50 27.5+" Please email or call ahead to reserve. Most of these bikes are full suspension and take a minute to set up for the best ride. Showing up Sunday morning without a reservation is verbotten.

We will be rolling out a new service at this ride. For a few riders we will set your bike up with a shockwiz suspension analyzation. What's a shockwiz? It's a calibration unit designed to be installed on your bike's suspension and record ride data for suspension optimization tuning.

All times on a Sunday morning are subject to not rushing around and enjoying a bike ride.